Welcome at the website of Roos Guesthouse in Panagsama – Moalboal at Cebu Island in the Philippines.

2nd Building: Main Entrance
2nd Building: Back Side
Philippines – Cebu – Island – Moalboal
Public transport available nearby

FACILITIES / ROOMS: (Main Building)

We have 4 Deluxe Bungalow – Rooms (with Airconditioning).
Main Building 6 Rooms in total (3 with Airconditioning).
5 Rooms with a double-bed, and 1 Room for 3 persons with a bunk bed with under 2 person mattress and above 1 person mattress
All Rooms have a seperate Bathroom, with Toilet and a Shower.
Pictures of the rooms you can see at the Pictures-Area/-Page.

Deluxe Queensize Room + Airco

Prices during the high season from November 1 to May 31.
During the low season from June 1 to October 31,
all rooms are ₱ 300 / € 5,29 / $ 5,90 / £ 4,50 cheaper! 
(course price date December 14th. 2021).

During Covid-19 Pandonomy we provide a DISCOUNT of ₱ 500 / € 8,80 / $ 9,94 / £ 7,51 cheaper! 


– Shower
– Toilet
– Own Bathroom/WC
– Towels
– Toiletpaper
– Bedding
– Airconditioning
– Shops Nearby
– Restaurants nearby
– Tiles / Marble Floor
– Safe
– Lockers
– Smoke-Free Rooms
– Philipines
– English
– Dutch (Nederlands)
– German (Deutsch)
– Personal Check -In/-Out– Entire unit on the ground floor– Free (protected) Wi-Fi
– Breakfast
– Water bottles
– In the street– Not allowed
– Swimming Pool (under construction)
– Outdoor furniture
– Tiki-Bar
– Terrace
– Hammocks
– Garden
– Beach (± 300 m.)
– Snorkeling (± 300 m.)
– Diving (± 300 m.)

(300 m. = a 7 minutes walk)


Old Roos Guesthouse

we started in March 2018, after which we had already finished the renovations we opened in May 2018.
We immediately had a good start, which allowed us to purchase additional facilities to make the stay even more pleasant.
All our hard work paid off.

We are proud to announce that we have received an award from bookings.com
for which we want to thank our team for their efforts and thank our guests for giving us this score.

We are proud to announce that we have received the KAYAK AWARD for best B&B & INN in the Moalboal, Philippines for 2019,
for which we want to thank our team for their efforts and thank our guests for giving us this score.
KAYAK is part of Bookings.com

We are proud to announce that we have received the Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Award for best B&B & INN in the Moalboal, Philippines for 2020,
for which we want to thank our team for their efforts and thank our guests for giving us this score.

We ended the lease of the 1st building, as we bought the land of building 2 ourselves and built it ourselves.
Also because this is a much more luxurious building, we have decided to switch to just the new building and to expand it step by step on the ground and thus start our new adventure.

New Roos Guesthouse

we are proud that we can inform you that we have opened a 2nd guesthouse / B&B at 50 meters from our 1st location or a 5-minute walk to the back street.
There will be 3 Buildings,
(at the moment 1 building with 4 rooms, a bar & reception,)
12 Rooms extra, a llittle bar and a build-in-pool !

Location is the same (against Maayong Hostel)

in a quiet street, just only a 5 minutes walk to:
– All the bars and restaurants.
Also the famous Panagsama Beach For:
– Snorkeling or Diving with the Sardines and Turtles
is just a 7 minutes walk from Roos Guesthouse.

The Owners of
Roos Guesthouse are
Werner and Hanna.
Werner met Hanna on his vacation to the Philippines.
Werner is from the Netherlands.

The Team With The Award

The Team @ Roadtrip

Roos Guesthouse Holidays Netherlands


We have opened another Roos Guesthouse, now in the South of Limburg in Schin Op Geul, Netherlands – Europe.
Where Werner’s roots lie.
It is located in the middle of the tourist zone between the hills/mountains of the Limburg Hills. With many places of interest, such as museums and attractions, less than 20 km away, but also in the middle of the cycling and walking routes.
A region that you must also see, it is so beautiful in South Limburg, the Netherlands – Europe!
With cities such as Valkenburg, Gulpen, Vaals (point where 3 countries come together), Maastricht, Liège and Aachen in the region, within 30 minutes by car. But an old-fashioned steam locomotive also runs on the track, with a stop at Schin Op Geul station!

Now 2 Apartments in the future 3 Apartments, with a great view

Go HERE to the website of Roos Guesthouse Netherland


Who Are We?


We are very happy with all the reviews and the very high results achieved again, for this we would like to thank all guests.
And we also strive to always offer good quality, so that we can always get a high score. Thank you.


Moalboal’s Panagsama Beach is where most of the resorts, restaurants and dive shops are located.
Most visitors to Moalboal will find themselves here.
While there isn’t much of a beach (it was washed away in a typhoon in 1984!),
there are plenty of places to relax by a pool or enjoy a nice meal looking out over the beautiful water.


Moalboal is famous for it’s scuba diving and almost all the dive shops are located here in Panagsama.

There are countless dive shops, training centers and boats ready to take you out scuba diving at the House Reef,

Pescador Island or many other world-famous diving spots. Moalboal is known for having some of the best diving in Asia!

Tip: If you are interested in getting PADI certified, this is the place to do it!


There is amazing and convenient snorkeling from Panagsama Beach.
Just a short swim from shore is the “house reef”, which has a breathtaking drop-off where you will surely see plenty of marine life (maybe even a sea turtle if you’re lucky).
You can also take a boat ride out with the divers to many other snorkeling spots, such as Pescador Island.

Tip: Quo Vadis is probably the easiest spot to snorkel from.
Gear can be rented or borrowed from them or any dive shop in the area.

PANAGSAMA BEACH (or lack of):

If you are expecting a beach in Panagsama, you might be disappointed.
There isn’t much of a beach to speak of here.
However, there are a few small spots of beach to relax on (you might have to share it with some local kids!) and the water is beautiful.
While the lack of a beach may be a downside to some, it has probably helped to keep development of Panagsama to a minimum.
Even though there are plenty of resorts and restaurants, the area still maintains a small-town, non-touristy feel.
For beach lovers there is good news… just head to White Beach!.


Moalboal is a sleepy little town, so don’t expect much in the way of nightlife.
  However, it’s never hard in the Philippines to find a place to share a few beers with other travelers or friendly locals.
  There are a variety of restaurants in Moalboal. Just walk around and you are sure to find something that sounds good.


Traveling to or from Moalboal is easy. With daily flights from Manila to Cebu or Dumaguete, both locations provide easy access to Moalboal via bus, v-hire or boat.
Moalboal is about 2 hours from Cebu or Dumaguete.


From Manila you will need to fly to Cebu or Dumaguete and then make your way to Moalboal, Cebu.
There are also boats available from Manila to Cebu or Dumaguete, but flying is much better!


From the South Bus Terminal, take a bus south to Moalboal. Make sure you are on the bus towards Barilli/Bato.
Just let the bus attendants know that you are headed to Moalboal and they’ll get you on the right bus.


Take a tricycle to Sibulan port (100P) and take the boat across to Cebu.
The 20 minute fastcraft boat leaves every hour during the day and costs 65P.
Buses to Cebu City will be waiting there, but don’t take them! Instead,
take a tricycle or motorbike to Bato (~50P), where the bus headed North will leave from.