About Us

We are Hanna & Werner Schiffelers, we met each other when Werner was on holiday in the Philippines at the B&B where Hanna worked at the time. After chatting, calling and arranging Werner back to the Philippines many times, then Hanna to the Netherlands and so on…

Werner decided to take the step into the unknown and marry Hanna and settle in the Philippines, where they bought a house and started their family.
But at the same time they took the plunge as an entrepreneur and took over the B&B from the owner where Hanna worked, behind which there was also a plot that was purchased. After a minor renovation, Roos Guesthouse opened in 2018…

Immediately that year (2018), it achieved the best score for B&Bs in the Philippines, through the reviews on KAYAK.COM.

At the beginning of 2019, the old worn-out buildings on the plot behind were demolished and made way for the current new-build rooms, bar, sun terrace, pool, tiki bar, etc. Also the main area got a facelift and new buildings, everything got a painting from green to white & red.
In mid-2019, these adjustments were completed after a lot of hard work with the entire team and additional professionals and we once again received the best review score from our guests, for which many thanks!

2021 Then we received the best ratings from 4 booking websites / review sites! For which a huge thank you.

Today we are still the best choice according to our guests! For which a huge thank you.

We hope to welcome you soon at B&B Roos Guesthouse in the Philippines or in the Netherlands.

The New Building

The Old Building

Old Entrance

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